Donate Monthly

GOAL: $120.00

We are almost there!  We are only $120 a month away from our goal of increase our monthly donations by $1000.  Join the monthly donor team of dedicated Albertan's who are committed to creating a culture that defends life and protects the pre-born. Can you chip in even $10 a month to help us reach this goal?

Achieving this goal would increase our part-time administrator to full-time hours!  This increase enables the Executive Director to get out of the office and into the community to train, network and expand the movement.  Additionally, our office will be able to produce more professional resources and up-to-date data for the use and distribution of all.  


ONE-TIME Donation
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Please Note: The Wilberforce Project is a registered non-profit society and does not have charitable status due to its political activism.  It does not receive any public funding, and relies solely on the generosity of committed individuals who want to create a life-affirming culture and protect the pre-born.