Will you expand the movement one table at a time?



Are you ready for a challenge?

Fill a table of 10 with like-minded friends, family, co-workers or neighbours, especially those who are less active in the movement.  

By taking the Table Challenge YOU are actively spreading truth and changing the culture, a table at a time!


The Challenge:

 1. Invite like-minded people to join you for a FREE banquet.  

Who doesn't like free food!  But more importantly, who doesn't want to see the pro-life movement expand throughout the culture!  

This is the perfect event to invite your like-minded friends, especially those who are uninvolved in the cause. Think of inviting your pastors, a teacher, friends or colleagues.  

This event is not about debating the pro-choice / pro-life view points.  The banquet will be a fun, informative and formal evening with powerful speakers and great fellowship.  No graphic images will be used.

 2. Confirm your guests and ensure your registration reflects all attending.  

Tables seat ten.  When you register please select the number of guests you are bringing, or hope to bring.  Enter '9' if you will fill the whole table.  If you have already registered, you can edit your registration by using the link provided in your confirmation email.

 3. The day of the banquet a table with your name on it will be held for you.  

Your guests can check in by referencing your name.  


Successful challengers will receive recognition at the banquet for their contribution to spreading truth and defending lives.
If you are unable to fill all ten seats, just let us know and we will fill the space with other registrants.  

ARE YOU READY?  Sign up below!

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    Let’s do this!
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    I’m in.


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